Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers


Edmonton 012

About Us

The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers Chapter here in Edmonton and in Alberta are always accepting new members. Across Canada, we have over 80 chapters and over 5000 members. Edmonton's Chapter 012 was the first for the CMC in Alberta. The CMC is is not so much a club as it is a network of riders who are linked coast to coast via web forums.
We like to get out riding as much as possible; meet other riders, visit other chapters, support local charities/fund raiser rides, and basically get as much as we can from a biking lifestyle. Some of our members are part of multi-rider families, with husbands, wives, sons & daughters, etc. Families do participate in some of our rides and/or social events, and we plan some activities around the family members that do not ride.
We are a Riding Club that has a NO ALCOHOL policy while participating on our rides (that is reserved for when the riding is done). Your safety, the safety of your fellow riders, and that of the general public, is of utmost importance to us all. We want everyone going home to their families safely.
We charge no fees to join or to continue with membership. To ride with us, any make, model, or year of bike is acceptable as long as it is safe to be ridden on the local highways and can maintain the posted speed limit. Riders must be properly licenced and insured. A bike is not necessary to be a member, but it helps.

Whether you are an experienced rider, an occassional rider, or a new rider, the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers has a spot for you among our membership, and we look forward to meeting you and sharing the road with you.